A new book which exposes some of the motivation of the federal government.

The book only covers what the CIA operatives did to bring down Nixon (and also another target) and does not mention the NSA which is the organization which directly controls the CIA and all of the CIA programs.

Because of the nature of the NSA programs it has become very apparent that the NSA manifests the will of the Jewish banking families.

Why did the CIA take out Nixon?

Because Nixon really was an anti-communist and he really was impeding the communist program of globalism: The destruction of all nations.

Nixon was a real Nationalist and that is the exact opposite of a globalist.

No matter who is in the white house, the federal congress, or the supreme court, the federal government will continue to tear down America, Europe, and every nation on Earth in order to achieve globalism: One single government to control the entire world with the Jewish banking families controlling that government.

Secession is the only solution.

But wait, there is more:

The operation was a two for one, and the rest of the operation is bigger than taking out Nixon.

L. Ron Hubbard is exonerated. He was the real deal.

Hubbard was in American intelligence and was sent to infiltrate occult organizations, and he became enlightened in the process.

He really did set up a real organization with the real purpose of enlightening as many of us as possible.

The bigger purpose of the CIA operation was to destroy L. Ron Hubbard and his entire organization.

Some members here have direct experience that Hubbard's organization now is a fraud, it was the CIA which turned it into a fraud. The reason they did that was because it was totally for real and Hubbard was the real deal.

The Jewish banking families fear the enlightenment of Earthlings, they need us dumbed down for easy subjugation.