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Thread: Holy Mackeral, Big Shot Retired Military Men Appear in Full-Page Ad Decrying US Attack on Iran

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    Default Holy Mackeral, Big Shot Retired Military Men Appear in Full-Page Ad Decrying US Attack on Iran

    I must say a few of the names on this list are BIG surprises .... especially LTG Gard .......... curiously, the biggest retiree detractors of AIPAC , Gen. Zinni, ADM Fallon, et al. aren't in the ad ......... I guess nobody wants to sign off on w/ the ad sponsor, the National Iranian American Council. I mean would you let your name be used by the Japanese-American Friendship Council, or the American Bund in a July, 1941 full page ad? I find it interesting that the ad gets run the day Baby Bibi tells Obongo that an October Surprise won't do and everything has to be moved up. That there still are a few brave American military leaders gives me some hope!

    Retired Generals to Obama: No War of Choice With Iran -- News from
    When Military Leaders Go Antiwar Blog

    National Iranian American Council (NIAC): Top Military, Intelligence Officials Join NIAC in Warning Against Iran War in Full-Page Washington Post Ad

    Of course the ad makes zero sense because Obongo, the fraudulent Peace Peace Laureate, lacks the power to initiate or suspend the war. The quotations from Zinni, Gates, et al., are much different than the named military authorities who appear at the ad's foot, who really put their necks on the line. Of course, years from now, they can point to the ad and say, "I did my best to warn you idiots."

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    Default Re: Holy Mackeral, Big Shot Retired Military Men Appear in Full-Page Ad Decrying US Attack on Iran

    That is a huge symbolic gesture for retired military men to make.

    Placing the good of the Nation first and if the "presidents" reputation or their own suffer for it, then so be it.

    Of course I am sure a full scale media blackout is in effect, but the People that matter still know.

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