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Thread: The Knockout Game: Blacks Try to Knock Out White Victims

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    Default The Knockout Game: Blacks Try to Knock Out White Victims

    The Knockout Game: Blacks Try to Knock Out White Victims

    Oh great... another Black "game" that targets Whites.

    July 14, 2011
    The Knockout Game: Racial Violence and the Conspicuous Silence of the Media

    By now, almost everyone has seen one of the semi-amusing videos of black teen mobs rampaging through a store. Maybe we've even seen the non-amusing pictures of the victims, or heard their stories. Most Americans have heard of recent violent "flash mobs," which are the bands of black teens that attack mostly white victims and white businesses, as even the New York Times once noted.

    But the flash mobs, which are more accurately called "race riots" or "racial mob violence," are not the only interesting topic to cover in our national conversation about race. There is also the "knockout game," which is stunning in its brutal simplicity and stark racial significance.
    The knockout game involves "unprovoked attacks on innocent bystanders," according to police who have had to deal with it. A retired officer explained, "Normally it was a group of black males, one of which would strike him as hard as he could in the face, attempting to knock him out with one punch," says retired Sgt. Don Pizzo. The victims are typically not robbed, but simply punched with no provocation. Such attacks have been reported in Illinois, Massachusetts, Missouri, and New Jersey.

    The knockout game has claimed at least one life so far. In St. Louis this year, 72-year old Hoang Nguyen was walking with his wife, Yen, when four "young people" attacked. The attacker pushed the old man's face to the side to make a "clear target for his fist," recalled his wife. Nguyen was punched so hard that he fell to the ground and struck his head. Then the attacker turned on Nguyen's 59-year-old wife, punching her so hard that she suffered a broken eye socket. She could only watch as her husband was then kicked repeatedly. Hoang succumbed to his injuries later that day. A young black male, 18-year-old Elex Murphy, is charged with first-degree murder.

    In addition, a mob of young black males can be seen playing the game here. The video shows the group attacking a young white man named Adam Taylor, who was left with internal bleeding, bruising of the brain, severe whiplash, and scratches on his face when he was beaten in Columbia, MO in 2009.

    Sgt. Pizzo noted that the attacks fit a pattern: "black attackers on a white victim -- and the victim was often an older person walking alone." In a thorough and sensible piece on the subject in a local arts and entertainment magazine, eight of the victims interviewed were white, one was black, and one was Latino. All of the attackers, or "players," were black. Some witnesses claim that they have white relatives who play the game and that therefore the game is not a racial issue. But anyone who reviews the reporting -- when race is revealed, at least -- will see that the attackers are predominantly if not exclusively black.
    As one player of the game says, "[w]e used to walk to where a lot of people be at and hit 'em. If one of the homeboys didn't knock him out, then the other would come. Whoever knock him out would be king."

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    Default Re: The Knockout Game: Blacks Try to Knock Out White Victims

    The problem of violent negro mobs is being taken care of by the good people from Pabst Brewing Company. The Brewer has initiated a genocidal campaign against the innocent negro race, in the form of its new beverage, "Blast."

    Sold in a 24 ounce bottle, and containing 12% alcohol, Blast will wipe out the entire race, according to the Reverend Paul Scott, Minister of the Messianic Afrikan Nation.

    It's all Whitey's fault!
    "Migrants threaten our national identity "...Bibi Netanyahu
    "This country belongs to us, to the white man."...Eli Yishai, Israeli Interior Minister
    "...if everyone who claims to be a Holocaust survivor actually is one, who did Hitler kill?"..Norman Finkelstein (son of two survivors), in "The Holocaust Industry."

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    Default Re: The Knockout Game: Blacks Try to Knock Out White Victims

    Well now, that might be a way to get ya to sing some of those Irish lullabies I hear you do so well with, Edmund.....

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    Default Re: The Knockout Game: Blacks Try to Knock Out White Victims

    Wow, another racist event for the Blacks to embrace!
    *We will win this thing, you know.*

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    Default Re: The Knockout Game: Blacks Try to Knock Out White Victims

    So long as we are content being victims, we will be. Yes, it IS YT's fault! There are altenatives.
    "Do what it takes TODAY to make your life better.
    Don't wait until tomorrow. Don't be discouraged by fate or poverty or doubt.
    Be strong! Be proud!
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