Pay Third World Immigrants to Leave

We should be paying Third World people to leave. Unfortunately our government would leave the Mexican border wide open so they could sneak back in.

We should also be paying welfare mothers to get sterilized after their first baby.

And daughters of welfare mothers should get access to birth control as teenagers.

We desperately need some visionary policies that will start thinning out the tax burden caused by unproductive people.

Irish government to pay immigrants to go home | World news | The Observer

Irish government to pay immigrants to go home

Recession-crippled Republic offers cash to non-EU nationals who agree to leave country

Ireland is offering money to immigrants to leave the recession-crippled Republic. The Irish Department of Justice has confirmed that it is opening an EU-funded project to persuade foreign workers and asylum seekers to return to their country of origin.

A spokeswoman told the Observer this weekend that the scheme will only apply to non-EU nationals living in the Republic and would involve the department spending almost €600,000 this year to pay for immigrants and their families to return to nations outside the European Union.

"The grants will not be given to individuals but rather the scheme will operate through projects and organisations," she added.

"They [immigrants] can apply for the fund only through organisations and community groups. It is the first time we have introduced the scheme."