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Thread: Israel finally admits that it knew the USS Liberty was American

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    Post Israel finally admits that it knew the USS Liberty was American

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    Default Re: Israel finally admits that it knew the USS Liberty was American

    But even now that the Israeli's have admitted they knew they were attacking an American ship and the is tape available online the Neocon traitors will still insist the attack was an accident!


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    Arrow Re: Israel finally admits that it knew the USS Liberty was American

    The official Israeli Defense Forces report on the attack acknowledges the launch of torpedoes 25 minutes after the fact that the ship is American is mentioned ("IDF History Report: The Attack on the 'Liberty' Incident.") After the torpedo hits, torpedo boats circle, machine-gunning the ship with armor-piercing projectiles for another 40 minutes. At 3:15 p.m., as lifeboats are lowered into the water, the Israelis pull up at close range and proceed to machine-gun the lifeboats.

    This is a full hour after confirmation has been given that the ship is American. Sexual innuendo is heard in describing the actions of the Israeli military as the Liberty crew fights fires and tends to the wounded. Thirty-four US sailors were killed. As the attack controllers mull using napalm one asks "Do we screw her?"
    Exactly what the Jewish faction is doing to the entire US at this very moment.

    Air Force Capt. Richard Block, who was commanding an intelligence wing of more than 100 analysts and cryptologists monitoring Middle Eastern communications on the island of Crete, told the Tribune: "The pilots said, 'This is an American ship. Do you still want us to attack?' And ground control came back and said, 'Yes, follow orders.'"
    For its part, the official Israeli report holding that the attack was a "tragic accident" centers around the claim no flags were visible on the ship, which is vociferously denied by the survivors, who say they were flying multiple flags, in a proper breeze for unfurling.
    Of course LB Johnson chose to "believe" the Israelis over the testimonies of US servicemen.

    Rear Admiral Geiss, who commanded the aircraft carriers, call the White House directly to question the recall order, only to be told by Johnson: "I want that goddamn ship going to the bottom. No help. Recall the wings."
    Read more at - USS Liberty Attacked, June 8, 1967

    LBJ, for all the X Box Nintendo kiddies out there, was the Prez who took office immediately after Kennedy was MURDERED.

    Now would I LIE to you?
    Would ANYONE ELSE?

    SO, what makes the sheeple of America believe that Israel has changed it's modus operandi today after the Jews have been PROVEN by their track record to LIE?

    Above all, what makes it impossible for the sheeple to believe that anyone who would facilitate a plot in which 3000 people would be murdered, would also then LIE to cover up the crime?

    What makes them believe it is impossible for a LIAR to occupy a position of authority as a representative of the US government?

    The libs will swear that conservatives lie, and vice versa.
    Our government is supposed to be comprised of such people, yet they can't believe that "their government" would.

    They have a concept of the US government as a single entity which acts unanimously and either does or does not do a thing in the same way that a single individual does.
    Granted, the word "government" IS singular. The word "government" does not immediately reveal the fact that it is compartmentalized and comprised of many many individuals.

    So they speak and think as though "the government" is a thing which may only be "corrupt" OR incorrupt, "good" OR bad.
    The simplicity in this mode of thinking is preferable to minds which prefer to avoid the intricacies and details which are actually referred to.

    I submit to you, that a person does not have to be either "FOR" or "AGAINST" "the government" .

    It would be more accurate in my estimation to describe a person as either be "FOR", "AGAINST", or "INDIFFERENT TO"
    CORRUPTION, in every instance wheresoever it is found.

    In this way, a person does not have to sacrifice their sense of patriotism or loyalty to their countrymen in order to pursue the principle of justice.
    After all, what kind of country or government would you have representing and directing you, an honest one OR a dishonest one?
    Perhaps this is best answered by deciding within yourself which of these types you would prefer to be yourself, irrespective of the knowledge and judgements of your peers.

    Does "patriotism" require that we should ignore the words and actions of anyone who hides behind the flag?
    Is an act of "evil" ever justified by anyone because they claim the title "Christian"? (Do they fool God?)

    By the same line of reason, can we continue to allow any and all actions by anyone simply because they claim the title "Jew"?

    If moral principles exist at all in any real sense, then how much must they depend upon the labels which men assign to things?

    How much can "Right" be restricted by and "Wrong" be licensed by the ways in which we think?

    Are we to accept the permits and censors dictated by pop culture as the origin and final authority on matters of right and wrong?

    Should we defer all such matters to the JUDEO media and the Zionist lobbies as we have been doing for decades now?

    OR would refusing to acknowledge THOSE entities as supreme arbiters of "justice" make us guilty of some moral infraction or bigger liars than some have PROVEN themselves to be?

    Finally, should we make such decisions within ourselves based on the threats and intimidations of various social, political, and/or racial and ethnic factions?

    The Israelis demonstrated that they would drop phosphorus bombs and napalm on American servicemen a long time before they dropped them on Palestinians. This is true whether you hate Muslims or not.

    They have demonstrated this attitude numerous other times and have also lied about those incidents as well.

    Whether it's 30 or 3000 lives to be sacrificed is not the deciding factor.

    Far more than that are in the tally for the mid-east wars being conducted at the behest of the NeoCons and their brethren.

    Does anyone really believe that a mobster would mourn anymore over the lives of many than a few in the course of getting what he's after?

    Tolerance is the virtue of the man without convictions.
    Gilbert K. Chesterton

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    Default Re: Israel finally admits that it knew the USS Liberty was American

    What kind of a friend will drop bombs on your head, and then try to kill you by shooting you with high-power machine-gun rounds while you or helpless setting in a life boat trying to keep yourself from drowning?
    A true friend will not do that to you but Israel did.
    So when people tell me what a great friend Israel is I tell them look up the USS Liberty.
    The enemy of the Holocaust is the truth.

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