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Thread: Revolution Now - We Are Fighting !

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    Default Re: Revolution Now - We Are Fighting !

    I have been looking at this thread and while I think the demonstrations are bold, necessary, and honorable. They are not sufficient. They are not sufficient because he enemy has our children and are indoctrinating them. We have to interrupt this early assult on our culture. This type of march and protest must be broght to bear on every school district that goes leftisr or statist. I don't know how to do it, but the blacks and hispanice and liberals certainly do.

    Maybe our numbers aren't big enough, but I suspect that is a result of the "white guilt" propaganda.

    I have talked to a number of people who support our positions, in the shadows, but to many more who would be our supporters but they have been indoctrinated and cannot say, retarded, communist, negro, muslim, and etc. It has been breed or educated out of them and they cannot express that which they desire. I think that it is at this point we need to march in and say the words necessary to convey the truth.

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