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Thread: Best 45 ACP Pistols

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    Default Best 45 ACP Pistols

    In my opinion, these are the best on the market listing in order.

    #1.) FNX-45

    (Pictured Above: Standard/Competiton Model)

    (Pictured Above: Tactical Model)

    Goes for roughly the same price as the Glock. Can carry 15 rounds and uses a takedown lever for easy field stripping instead of those annoying notches found on Glocks. This one is at the head of the pack.
    Unfortunately, I don't believe there are any field repair kits for it.

    #2.) Bersa Thunder Pro

    For the money, I honestly think this Argentine make is probably the best one overall. It isn't a polymer framed pistol, but it is very well designed. Slide catch is ambidextrous.
    The ultra compact model is decent for a CCW. And in addition to that, it is so easy to field strip that a little child could probably do it with no trouble.
    The only cons are that it only holds 7 rounds per magazine, which is very average for a 45 auto; and magazines are less variant and a bit steep price wise.
    Another thing, is that like the previous one, I don't know of a place to buy spare parts for repairs.
    Too many of these companies seem a little proprietary about their products.
    It isn't as awesome as Herstal's FNX, but it's a great pistol in its own right.

    #3.) Smith & Wesson's M&P

    The standard model holds 10 rounds to a mag, while the compact holds around 7-8. Disassembly sounds as easy as pie.
    It's also very pretty while being somewhat less expensive than Glocks and FNs. Did I mention it's pretty?
    Honestly, this is probably a better gun than the Bersa. But it will cost you a little bit more. Like the previous two,
    No field repair kits available (or so it appears.)

    #4.) HK USP

    A great pistol that is similar to the M&P Above. The con is that it is EXPENSIVE.

    Here is a video review comparing it with the FNP:

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